About the Legislative Reference Service


The mission of LRS, in general terms, is to provide the best possible legal service to the Alabama Legislature, the Governor, and other state officers in the limited time available to perform the work.


LRS was created in 1945 by Acts 1945, No. 152, p. 190. The law is codified in Section 29-7-1, et seq., in the Code of Alabama 1975. LRS is under the supervision, direction, and control of an officer designated as the Director of the Legislative Reference Service, who is appointed by the Legislative Council.


The primary duties of the office include:

  • Responding to questions concerning the organization and administration of state government or the operation of constitutional or statutory law.
  • Rendering assistance in the drafting of bills and amendments to bills.
  • Making studies and reports on problems of state and local government in Alabama, either upon request or on one’s own initiative.
  • Conducting a continuous analysis of the scope, effect, and methods of federal, state, and local government operations in Alabama and making recommendations to the Legislative Council as appropriate.
  • Preparing, when directed by the Legislature, a compilation or code of the statutes of Alabama.
  • Acting as Code Commissioner in determining the content of the Code of Alabama 1975 and any supplements thereto and preparing an annual codification bill to adopt changes to the code enacted at prior sessions of the Legislature.
  • Entering into a printing contract on behalf of the State of Alabama, when approved and directed by the Legislative Council, to publish the official code of the statutes of Alabama.
  • Publishing the Alabama Administrative Monthly and the Alabama Administrative Code.